Thank you for visiting our website. The Fort Worth Fly Fishers became an active club in 1985, and have been promoting the sport of fly fishing, ever since. The club has come a long way, from those early days, and has grown in to what you will see today. Over the years, the members have made many friendships, that can never be taken away. And the stories that come from these relationships, well, is a story in itself. Our mission statement is to promote the sport of flyfishing, to whoever so desires. We plan to educate others about the art of fly fishing, conserve the natural resources, and preserve the art of fly fishing, for all to enjoy.

I am proud to say that today our club is as strong as it has ever been. We are surrounded by a great Board of Directors that are all very passionate about our sport, our club, and most importantly, our environment. Yes, we do want to catch fish, too! But there is a lot more to our club, than just catching fish. This year, we have been focusing on education, conservation and helping support cancer relief efforts that have stricken some of our beloved club members. We have lost some dear friends this year, but they will never be forgotten. May they rest in peace. However, their spirit is still with us and has strengthened our desire to continue on.

So, come on board and check us out. Remember, that you get out of it, what you put into it. The more you participate, the greater the reward. Isn't that true in all phases of life? It's not just fly fishing, but the adventure that goes with it

Bill Hodges, President


Please visit our website www.fortworthflyfishers.org

or e-mail me @president@fortworthflyfishers.org